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CCleaner Browser VPN#117

Adding VPN would make this the best privacy focused browser on market. Love your products Piriform.

a year ago

I like the speed of the CCleaner browser but as a special needs user I need there to be better keyboard responses. I use Alt+ or Ctrl+ and/or the up/down/side-to-side cursor keys to navigate and these often don’t work on CCleaner browser, or work once and then not again. Until keyboard navigation improves I’ll have to use slower browsers. I currently use Opera as I’ve had keyboard issues with Chrome as well, and also with Firefox, though they used to be better.

a year ago
7 months ago

I agree with the addition of CCleaner’s own built in VPN like Opera has. Being able to turn it on and off is a must as I remote between my local and other machines on my private network and have to turn off any VPN that I’ve used in order to make the connection. Thanks. Love all your products.

6 months ago

Good improvement.

4 months ago

A VPN like Opera is a must to successfully compete against other existing browsers IMHO. Well-known browser already have a large add-on/extensions ecosystem to manage privacy, cookies, ad-blocking etc But a built-in VPN with turn-on/off has a huge value to users
Love your products too! A CCleaner user since a long time…

3 months ago