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Discord cache cleaning support#131


Discord is a popular VoIP application built on Electron (Chromium rendering engine and Node.js runtime).

It stores its cache (user names, profile pictures, emoji, server info, link previews, uploaded images, etc) in the Windows folder “%APPDATA%/Discord/Cache”, which gets out of hand after some time if not manually cleared.

Please add support to clean this Discord folder along with other site data that doesn’t interfere with Discord’s normal behavior.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
Under consideration
2 years ago

Definitely needed.

9 months ago

If you use Discord in your browser, it will save its data to your browser’s cache folder. As such, clearing your browser’s cache will also scrub away your Discord files.
Step 1: Go to the Settings Menu on your phone.
Step 2: In the Settings menu go to Apps -> Manage Apps.
Step 3: Scroll down to find Discord in the Apps list.
Step 4: Click on Discord and go to Storage.
Step 5: Click on “Clear data”
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Discord cache generates with the existence of every image, video, and amusing GIF on this app. It can consume your space quickly. Hence, it is necessary to clear Discord cache regularly.

3 months ago