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Regarding Health Check#138


For those people who don’t like the newest “HealthCheck” interface, please make the registry hack to revert to “EasyClean” persistent. Currently, it is reversed every time the computer reboots, or CCleaner is closed. There is something I find disagreeable about the newest interface, and prefer the previous version of the interface. I received advice to use the .ini file to make this registry setting persistent, but that was not sufficient to correct the isseu. This seems like a small request, and I know there are other users who dislike the HealthCheck option as well.

12 days ago

Hi Savoy, we have no plans to return to Easy Clean. Health CHeck is here to stay.

But please do tell us what you dislike about Health Check and we will consider what improvements can be made.

3 days ago
  1. I understand that you are not changing away from HealthCheck. My request was to understand the registry changes that are happening in my computer as a result of this CCleaner modification, which you did not answer, so I’m still waiting for that reply. What is the delay?
  2. The HealthCheck interface is a patronizing, “dumbed-down” version of CCleaner, and it’s as though CCleaner is treating the user like a child. This is kind of insulting to those of us who are not children, and simply I prefer not to be interacted with that way.
3 days ago