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There are a lot of windows aps that aren’t required for a pc, or that people just don’t use.
Contacts, news, sports, finance, 3dpainter and the list goes on. People just don’t use them, and on slower pc’s it just bloats up the os and takes up precious clock cycles that could be used otherwise.
Shell scripts are online all over the place, but it would be nice to have it all in one place.
Some people never use cortana for instance. neither do i.
Also it would be great to use a software rating system for each app installed. Users could rate all the programs installed and then other users could benefit from that experience. If you see poorly rated software on your pc, you know there’s a better alternative to it, maybe even a free one. This would help users stick with the best software out there instead of having features they don’t need that just take up space.

9 months ago

I agree. Also if ccleaner could print the least used apps would be awesome as well

6 months ago