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Interface Text Size (allow large fonts)#17

Could an option be added to increase the interface text size (all of it)? I have to use a magnifying glass to read the text. It would make using CCleaner so much easier.

3 years ago
Changed the status to
Under consideration
3 years ago


3 years ago

HI everyone, we’re working on this as part of a drive to make CCleaner more accessible. Initially this will mean CCleaner will adjust the text size according to the magnification level in Windows.

We are aiming to have this ready in late September.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
Working on it
2 years ago

Great news - I look forward to it, but I don’t quite understand “the magnification level in Windows.” Does this mean that the text size increases with the CCleaner window size?

2 years ago

Hi Derek. No, this refers to the font size and magnification settings in Microsoft Windows.

What we will do is change CCleaner’s magnification level (or perhaps only the text size) in line with what is set in Windows.

On Windows 10, you can find these settings in:

Settings > Ease of Access

2 years ago
Merged Larger Fonts Please :)#43
2 years ago
Changed the title from "Interface Text Size" to "Interface Text Size (allow large fonts)"
2 years ago

Thank you team CCleaner providing this app, now I can work on my project by easily changing text size in my mobile.

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