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Leftovers from Chrome to clean in two folders#172


Since a couple of months now, the CCleaner shows several thousands of 0-KB-cookies “” after cleaning.
The according two folders are
1) “AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/UserData/Default/IndexedDB” and
2) “AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/UserData/Default/CodeCache/js”

I can clean them up manually; and after this they are not any more showing up in the CCleaner until next time.

Is there any update upcoming, which includes these two folders every time I run the CCleaner?
I appreciate your information on this topic!

21 days ago

Hi Norma, if they are 0KB they are most like container files. E.g. one of them looks like an empty database. Chrome creates these automatically, and if they’re empty then they’re not storing any data.

There are other container files that are rebuilt with default data, which does take up a very small amount of space. Since this isn’t personal data, and since it’s needed for the application to run, we don’t consider this junk.

We have had some discussions internally about how to make it clearer to customers that CCleaner has performed a clean correctly and what these leftover files are all about.

16 days ago