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Option to clean up .DMP files in Program Files\CCleaner folder#173


I suggest adding an option under the Applications tab to clean up the multiple .DMP files in Program Files\CCleaner folder in Windows. These started accumulating 10 Nov. with CCleaner v 7.74.8184 and continued with v 7.74.8198 on 11 Nov.

20 days ago

Hi there, we intend to fix the issue that’s causing these and we’re going to clean these up when we apply the fix.

I was also thinking about an automatic function of CCleaner to clean up any dumps that are more than 7 (14?) days old. This would mean we can spot issues when they start occuring, but also prevent CCleaner from endlessly generating junk, and remove the need for us to provide one-off cleanups for cases like these.

Basically I’m not sure it needs a cleaning rule, it could be an automatic function.

What do you think?

16 days ago

I agree that a rule is not needed. Go with the automatic function. Thanks for taking care of the issue.

15 days ago