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Prevent Trackers from returning after they have been removed#22


Is there anyway to have the trackers removed permanently. They seem to come on after deleting them. I am using CCleaner Pro.

10 months ago
Changed the title from "Trackers" to "Prevent Trackers from returning after they have been removed"
10 months ago

Hi @Galaxystarone , thank you for your suggestion. Trackers (typically ‘cookie files’) are generated by websites you visit. Some cookies are perfectly okay and can actually be helpful, remembering which language you want to view the website in or if you prefer a ‘day’ or ‘night’ colour scheme, for example. Other cookies are there to help website designers to build more straightforward web experiences, in other words for improving a website.

However, most websites also store cookies to record some information about you and your actions on a website, which is then used to inform advertisers, or even allow them to follow you as you visit different websites that cooperate with the same advertising networks.

On to your question. As I’ve explained, tracking cookies are added when you arrive on a website. If you return to the same website, the website reads this cookie, will record some information and may provide you with different content. For example, some travel websites may charge higher prices for a holiday in ‘California’ if they know you were researching California on a previous visit (or with a partner website).

You can use CCleaner to remove these cookies, but they will return when you next visit the website. In many respects, this is a cat-and-mouse game.

CCleaner Professional has two features that help keep these tracking files off your machine. ‘Smart Cleaning’ allows you to automatically clean up a browser when you close it. Furthermore, the ‘Scheduling’ feature allows CCleaner to clean your browser according to a schedule you choose. You can choose anything from the hour of day, day of week and the frequency. CCleaner Scheduling runs in the background, so doesn’t even need you to open the software to do anything. It’s fully automatic!

But we don’t want to stop there! We have recently created a CCleaner internet browser with many privacy features. For example, it has an internet ad blocker, an anti-tracking feature, and ‘anti-fingerprinting’ technology which disguises your identity when you visit websites. I have attached a screenshot of the features for CCleaner Browser.

You can download CCleaner Browser here:

10 months ago

what the hell is a tracker

9 months ago

Hi Benjamin, it’s typically an internet ‘cookie’ (see explanation above), but we also include other types of private data in that definition. For example the history of the websites you have visited and the things you have searched for.

These files are typically small so don’t have a big impact on space, but in terms of personal privacy they’re quite significant, so we group them under “trackers”.

9 months ago
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