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Duplicate image detector#40


I wish you can include a duplicate image detector in the ccleaner so users can decide which document, file, video, or photo to keep and choose to delete others taking up memory space. Please kindly consider this for all ccleaner products

2 years ago
Changed the title from "DOUBLE IMAGE DETECTOR" to "Duplicate image detector"
2 years ago

Include “Smart” “AI” analysis of duplicates. Some photo managing software downgrades resolution yet maintains the same name. I want to make sure that my high-res photos are not mistakenly deleted. Also allow for “managed redundancy”. I like to keep 2 copies of some things on 2 different disks so that when I make a mistake on the original, I can quickly grap a copy of the replacement to get be back to the point in time where I started. There are just a few files and folders involved here, so I don’t want to engble global versioning or whatever.

10 months ago

SImilar but would like a way to auto select one of each and “save off” a copy or the original to another disk or a specific file location on the same disk// to help insure against loss.. I’ve lost things in other programs.. (old technology..) and did not use them again.

3 months ago

If you have multiple devices trying to sync the same picture, iCloud will recognize it as a duplicate.To summarize our steps:
Compute image tensors of all images in a folder.
Go through all image tensors one by one and computing their MSE. …
If the MSE of our two images < 200, classify them as duplicates.
Check the file size of the original two files. by &

3 months ago