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Help me to understand what the cleaning checkboxes do#60

iIf I were to uncheck every choice, what would Cleaner actually do? My point is - I have no idea how usefull/risky are the cleaning choices. I’d like to use your webite to understand what my choices do.

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Choices" to "Help me to understand what the cleaning checkboxes do"
2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion! You’re not the first to suggest this. I’ve updated the idea title so others can find it a bit easier, and vote if they feel the same way.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
Under consideration
2 years ago
Merged Mouse Hoverover Menu Options#86
2 years ago

Not sure if mine is the same issue, but I spend nearly two hours selecting files (in the checkbox) thta were redundant and I wanted to remove. Having done that there was NOTHING to indicate how to implement the deletions. Am I missing something OR should you provide a simple “deleted delected” button?

a year ago

Another suggestion/question: Is it possible to select files by file type e.g jpg OR by directory eg Pictures? If not, please consider making such selections available - it would save a considerable amount of time to find unwanted images to delete them. It would also help protect against inadvertently deleleting files of other types eg dll

a year ago

I will literally need to manually select thousands of duplicate file counts. It will take me weeks to do this manually. What am I missing here?
Is there a way to select (i.e. check mark) All of the separate file count boxes EXCEPT the first one?
And if so, can I do this for ALL of the file count boxes at once?
And once that is done, can the selected and deleted file count items be deleted from the Duplicate Finder. At present I see no indication the duplicates are actually deleted!
If I have to do this thousants of times manually, I will have no indication I have done actually any good at all. I will become an even less happy camper.
If I have missed something about this process, please inform me. This is getting verry time consuming, aggravating, and unnecessary it seems.

2 months ago

Along the same lines: I find that describing some options as “cleaning” is a bit inaccurate. Deleting cache files and cookies is cleaning. Deleting history files is eliminating a feature. The cache and cookies will be recreated with time. The history is a loss of information. Same with passwords, jump lists, start menu, etc.

I want to clean things weekly or perpeturally (per my definition above) but I rarely want to eliminate functionality (perhaps only 1-2 times per year). Having a toggle that distinguishes these types of options would be helpful.

a month ago